Good to Meet You

Welcome to my little corner of the world.  I hope as you look through these images, you get to know a bit about my work, and I think you'll learn a bit about me as well.  You'll probably notice that I'm passionate about emotion.  Light drives my creativity.  I love story telling.  I like to tell the story with a unique perspective.  I've been called cinematic, dramatic, and moody.  I'm pretty sure at least one of those is a compliment, and I promise all of them only refer to my style of photography!!

I began my journey as a photographer as I was working through college.  I worked in various sides of the wedding industry, ranging everywhere from event planner to running the office of a DJ company.  I LOVED working with couples on their wedding day, but I didn't have a passion for what I was doing just yet.  I found myself working for a photographer who taught me how to shoot film. I shot mostly black and white, photojounalistic style.  I loved it, but ultimately my passion lied elsewhere at that time.  I was passionate about aviation! Over the next 13 years I'd finish my degree in Aeronautics, obtain my pilots license, and work for the FAA in different capacities.  All while starting a family and settling in to the best job in the world, MOM!

Fast forward to the birth of my third child.  Realizing how quickly the first two grew out of every phase, I promised myself I would begin shooting again.  I would document my children and the moments that pass so quickly.  That is when I found my passion!  Soon I was pulling out my old cameras, learning everything I could, and realized I was completely in love with the entire process.  I was finally able to join together the love I had for working with couples on their wedding day, and my newfound passion for capturing it through photography.  To finally be in love with both sides of the process is like a dream.  I get to know my couples, and we invariably have a blast together on the wedding day.  Then, being able to deliver one of a kind images for them to keep forever, is such a blessing.  

All my best,


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