Yiwen and Doris – Engaged | Auberge Du Soleil Photographer

This was one of the most thoughtful and prepared proposals to date, and it was soooo worth it!   Yiwen left no detail out, ensuring there were personal photos scattered on the table, rose petals… even some heart shaped balloons!  All sent ahead so that Doris would walk into a sentimental scene that would set the background for one of the most important moments of her life!  All that planning paid off as Doris saw the beautiful table set in the Olive Grove at the gorgeous Auberge Du Soleil.2016-08-11_00012016-08-11_00032016-08-11_00052016-08-11_00042016-08-11_00092016-08-11_00072016-08-11_00272016-08-11_00102016-08-11_00112016-08-11_00122016-08-11_00132016-08-11_00142016-08-11_00152016-08-11_00242016-08-11_00252016-08-11_00232016-08-11_00172016-08-11_00182016-08-11_00192016-08-11_00162016-08-11_00282016-08-11_00202016-08-11_00262016-08-11_00212016-08-11_00302016-08-11_00292016-08-11_0031

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